Stranded Abroad

When Will Rayner, a University of South Alabama student, traveled to Peru as part of a spring break study abroad program earlier this month, he never imagined he’d get stuck there or become one of thousands of Americans stranded overseas and having a terrible time trying to return to the United States. But that’s exactly… Read More »

Shikshko ki bharti karna kyu jaruri hai?

Today Gujarat government are very good way to go. They are think about all state students future. Students future are in hand of teacher. Teachers are important in school. Without teacher not possible good results in school. School are not perfect without teacher. So finally Gujarat government are decided new requirement vacancies of teacher. New… Read More »

Why teacher are not fill online attendance web?

Today Gujart Government are particular online attendance in Gujarat school. They are strikly announced all school are fill attendance online. But some school teacher and head teachers are very lazy in our work. They couldn’t fill attendance online his/her standard. Government are punished in past this type of teacher, and future government are give punishment… Read More »

Advantage and disadvantage of school attendnace Gujarat

School attendance Gujarat advantage and disadvantages Today we are give you all information of school attendance Gujarat advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of school attendnance Gujarat Mostly people are think about why teacher are fill school attendance online. So i will tell you thier type of people, today many teacher are very iragular, they are not… Read More »

What is teacher are gain big problem school attendance gujarat ?

SSA Gujarat are launched online attendance system in Gujarat school. All Gujarat school are filled teachers and student attendance are online. Teachers are fill online his/her and our students attendance online. Many teachers are feel some problem of school attendance Gujarat web. They are open this web but many time heavy traffic too web are… Read More »

Why i am fill online attendance at

Today we are give you information of online attendance system details, and how to i am fill online attendance at web. Hello all teachers, i am give you information of online attendance system. Many teacher are confused how to i will fill online attendance. Who is real web for online attendance. Where is you… Read More »

How easy fill Online hajri at

Today we are providing full instructions of online hajri details. Gujarat government are particular all school attendance online. Many teachers are lazy this work but they are not known government are angry and givan notice. Online hajri is most important part of primary, secondary, higher secondry standard. How easy feel online hajri in web?… Read More »