Hartalika teej 2019, Download best mahendi images

By | 1st September 2019

Hartalika teej 2019

Hartalika teej 2019: We will explain here today how it is celebrated. Rarely does a third woman. The main purpose of which is to extend the age of her husband. Every woman vows. As soon as the third 2019 fast, women put henna in their hands, and demand a long life for their husbands. Women worship Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati on this day.

Here are some of the best mehndi photos of the year 2019, which we hope you enjoy. Hartalika teej 2019 has a significant importance in Hinduism. Shiva is worshiped on this day and a long life of the husband is sought.

This day’s buzz is important in Hindu scriptures. It is believed that Mother Parvati Ji worshiped Lord Shiva on this day, so since that day women have also started worshiping their husbands, and do so now. On the third day of the week, women put mehndi in the hands and not in the legs. It is full of feet and hands and puts on a mehndi. Women are dressed up from all sides. And also worships her husband.

Fast forward to the 2019 fast bows. Even if women do not worship their husbands all year long, they are required to worship their husbands on this day.

Hartalika teej 2019

Hartalika teej 2019

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Here are some mehndi samples put up by our team. Hope you like what you need. Women demand a long life of their husbands by wearing henna.


The main reason for leaving Mehndi is that her husband lives longer. On this day, the husband goes out for a walk. And I enjoy all the moments of life. At this juncture, the husband takes his wife to the holy shrines of Hinduism. This day is to be worshiped by Maharaj. Women also pray to God for the long life of their husbands. It is believed that worshiping God increases the life of a husband. Women dress up on this day and dress like apsara. These are the best dresses of the year to this day. Women also carry their husbands in the temple.

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