What is the big online attendance problem in Gujarat primary school ?

By | 22nd August 2019

Teachers face difficulties in completing school attendance.


– Large online attendance problem

-Online presence complet of teachers till 11:30.

– Opposition to face attendance by Teacher’s Union.

– online presence complet of 7 lakh childrens till 2:30 pm.

– Teachers’ time is buzzing.

– Great impact on children’s education.

– No one listens to the teachers.
– Teacher’s salary is deducted due to server problems.

Teachers problem are not listening

There are also all sorts of bugs in the online presence.  The troubles the teachers have to suffer.  As far as I know, teachers start working online at 11am every morning, but sometimes the website does not open due to problems with the server.  This problem falls on all teachers and principals of Gujarat.  According to Rao sir, teacher’s salaries are deducted from the day they attend online, and notices are sent to them.

In the online presence all the problems come from the browse.  Teachers cannot share such problems with anyone.  Speak of teachers at CRC Co. ordinator and nor the BRC co. ordinator listen.  There is no improvement in education unless the teachers’ words are heeded.  Now the education union and the voluntary education union have also started to oppose online presence.  But the government has bought and kept the education union.

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Major Problems In Online Attendance

– Teachers’ online presence does not meet the scheduled time.
– The presence of children also cannot be fulfilled within the stipulated time.
– Teachers are confused by the changing link every day.
– Due to the daily problems of the server can not be attended to.
Teacher attendance is the most difficult to fill by 11:30 hours in the morning.
– Schooling can have a big impact if not attendance for a long time.
– 32000 Primary school attendance cannot be done online from 11 am to 1 pm.
– The teachers face a buzz problem in the presence of -7 lakh children. Teachers feel online attendance problem.

Important image of online attendance problem.

Difficulty of online attendance in gujarat

Online attendance problem


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