School Attendance Gujarat, SSA Gujarat Online Hajri, ssa online hajri


School Attendance Gujarat is part of primary education.
– The presence of teachers will be online.
– The presence of children will be online.
– All school administration will be online.
– Teacher salaries will also go online.
– Teachers will know where to use the school grant.
SSA Gujarat Online Hajri is most important part of education
– The teachers questions will be resolve expeditiously.
– The teachers will also get guidance on how to teach.
– In most of the time the presence of teachers and children will be filled with faces.

Take a look at attending online

Not many teachers are aware that the website for online attendance has changed recently.
The information we provide is quite different from the information provided by everyone else.  Accurate information is provided by our team.  The School attendance Gujarat date for all teachers and children of Gujarat Primary Schools has been started from 19-11-2018 on Monday which runs till this day. We are provide new SSA Gujarat online hajri link.

The presence of all primary school children and teachers in Gujarat is made available online on a daily basis.  As a result, all the officers working in the education department know how many teachers and student are in the school.  Moreover, according to Principal Secretary of Education, Shri Rao sir, due to online presence all the administration of primary schools of Gujarat will be made online. We are providing best information in that time. Our team are working 24*7 o’clock.

Many teacher are question for our team

– How to feel online attendance in SSA website? 

Answer: Hello, all respected teacher we are giving you information of your question how to feel online attendance all of there. Teacher are more than useful to book.

What is the big solution of online attendance?

SSA Gujarat online hajri is part of SSA Gujarat website. All teacher are open this web and particular daily upload presens of student and teacher. Teacher is more than useful for clerck.

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Mr. Rao’s video here

Download here Rao sir video

Import link

Presence of Children Online Click here

Link of Online Teacher Attendance Online click here

See if the children attended or not attended click here

Link to see if teachers attend online or not Click here

Teacher Monthly presence report click here

Student Monthly presence report click here

Important Images

This image is School Attendance

This image is School Attendance



Gujarat school Attendance

Gujarat school Attendance


school Attendance Gujarat

SSA Gujarat online Hajri


school attendance Gujarat

SSA Gujarat online hajri

Advantages and disadvantages of school attendance gujarat

Online school attendance gujarat is not only beneficial for regular and true teachers and children of the state, but it is a punishment for teachers who are irregular.  Due to attendance online, the salary of teachers will be on time.  The unit test marks will be online in this website.  Teachers will also get video clips related to education.  Children will also get accurate information about how much they have to learn every day.  The burden of additional education will be light.

There are also many disadvantages with online attendance, sometimes a true teacher is not available when they are outside for administrative reasons, that time not presensce this teacher. There is also no option to upload the reason in the online presence. It can take more than two hours for all the children’s faces to appear. Even though online attendance is available, teachers have to maintain a roll to attend. There is no mention of the type of holiday anywhere in the online presence. That means that the monthly rollout has to be maintained as well as the attendance roll of the teachers in the school.

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More problem

Sometimes there are problems with the server, which makes it difficult for teachers to attend online. The Gujarat government expects teachers to get work only but in this way they pay less. Frequent pressures from the Secretary of Education also cause accidents to the teachers. The teachers work by accepting whatever instruction they have. If I think that education should change as teachers say, then education can be improved, otherwise all this will happen. India bigger than pakistan. Salman khan bigger than manish pandye.

Me sochta hu us prakar se shikshan ko khule asman ki tarah kar dena chahiye, isme diwale nahi banani chahiye. Jo shikshak dil se kam karte hai unke liye do gante ka samay bigad na bahut buri bat ho sakti hai. Online hajari se faydo se jyada nuksan bhut dikh raha hai. Agar aek insan ki soch ki aur dhyan de aur sabhi shikshako ki bat par dhyan nahi diya jayega to ye online hajari wali bat faydo se jyada nuksan karak sabit ho sakti hai. Isi liye chahere se hajari purne ke tarike ko band rakha jaye, isi me sabhi ka fayda hai. Kam karne wale shikshak na kam karne wale shikshak se kai jyada achhe hote hai.

Final word

Over the past few days, the rules of online presence have changed. In which the attendance of the teachers has to be filled thirty minutes before eleven o’clock in the morning. And children’s attendance is to be filled before three o’clock in the afternoon. It takes teachers about fifteen minutes to get all the school children online. Due to this online presence, teachers and children have become very regular in school.

All the schools have been given to the school. All the children were at the time of meeting them right. The schools of the waves were also regular. The Ideas of Rocky Rawa was working. Today the bus has been improved in education.It was the same as the education to become education, the secretary sir has made it. The proverb is where there is no need to be truthful. The credential of the teacher who regularly arrived in school, goes to Virody Sir. Gujarat has been true in the first-time development in Gujarat. Education more than important fun. School attendance gujarat is today part of primary education.

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