Why teacher fill personal attendance in school attendance Gujarat web?

Today Gujarat government are particular attendance online. Government are all teachers attendance online. They are get report monthly all teachers and than give teacher sallary in Gujarat. Gujart government are released new project with our web, as name is schoolattendancegujarat.com.

Teacher are not fill attendance ?

Hello friends if teacher are not fill online attendance his/her so Gujarat government are minus one day sallary in month. They are cut this day sallary in this day teacher are missed attendance online. Their teacher are not come in regular so they are not fill online attendance.

School attendance Gujarat
School attendance Gujarat

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Who is the good teacher ?

My view to who is teach good technique, they are great teacher. Who is not come ragular, they are not view better teacher. Many teacher are not come time to time but they are teach all time great. This type of teacher are great. Why government teacher are disturb this type of teacher. Online attendance system is also like uper class officers. Teacher are very disturb his/her works. Student are not learn good. They are come in school but teacher mostly time goes to online attendance so teacher are no teaching in our class.

Why teacher are ragular work in class?

School is biggest project of government. Gujarat government are full focus in school. Teachers and head teachers are follow government. They are fill online attendence. But many time student are not come in ragular at class. Some school students register are big, So teacher are confused. His/her one our going to online attendance. And many time server are not working properly that time teacher are full time spent online attendance system. They are not focusing students. Who will fill online attendance, this is seeing big officer as moniter. They are see online attendance web and will creat final report of teacher.

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